After Icebergs with a Painter: An Inspiration for Bradford’s 1869 Voyage

In Arctic Regions, William Bradford chronicled his 1869 voyage to the Arctic along Greenland’s coast, & cites two books that initially inspired his exploration for art’s sake: Lord Dufferin’s Letters from High Places and Elisha Kent Kane’s Arctic Explorations in the years of 1853, ’54, ’55. At least one other book would have caught Bradford’s […]

Richard Burleigh Kimball,”Arctic Regions” Editor

This post is submitted by Joanne Seymour, a volunteer at the Museum since February, 2012, who is currently the “tweeter” of Bradford’s and Dr. Hayes’s voices from their books. Working in the Museum’s Research Library, she has contributed to the Arctic Visions exhibit by reading and transcribing items in the Bradford scrapbooks. This is the first […]