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The idea for a  new  Arctic Visions blog category named Persons Represented is suggested through Isaac Israel Hayes’ Land of Desolation – Being a Personal Narrative of Observation and Adventure in Greenland. Published in 1872 Hayes’ book is, like Bradford’s Arctic Regions, a narrative of their 1869 voyage aboard the Panther. In the exhibit the two books will be displayed side by side.

List of Participants- Hayes




One thought on “Persons Represented

  1. I feel a special kinship with those persons who appreciate Dr. Hayes’ books and venture a little deeper into his writings. Months ago, when I first saw this page, I printed it from an archived pdf file and thought it was a list of contributors to this expedition much like the several pages of “Subscribers” shown in the opening of “The Open Polar Sea.” However, when I saw the “raven” and “witch” listed, I thought otherwise, though the witch was “Mother of the Winds.”

    It would be interesting to write or to read a vignette of each of these represented persons, noting in several paragraphs, their roles or contributions to the expedition (with the inclusion of historical footnotes). Sadly, one personage in Dr. Hayes’ expeditions is not present: August Sonntag, Astronomer and Second in Command in “The Open Polar Sea.” Thank you for posting this lovely “gem” in a majestic book. Regards, Fran Hennessey

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