“The Open Polar Sea” signed 1st edition


This weekend, I have the opportunity to examine a signed, 1st edition presentation copy of The Open Polar Sea by Isaac I. Hayes, MD. The inside inscription reads: “To Mr. Wm Jarvis Jr. with the best regards of his friend, I. I. Hayes, New York, May 6th 1867.”  The armorial bookplate of Henry Payne McIntosh is on the marbled inside cover.  Very good, clean copy.
Who are these persons represented — William Jarvis and Henry Payne McIntosh?
~Frances Hennessey

Hayes OPS 1st EditionHayes Armorial Bookplate






Frances Hennessey has been fascinated with Arctic exploration for some time, and has concentrated on the writings of Isaac I. Hayes, MD. Frances writes informally on Arctic-related topics, and writes poetry, some of which are vignettes of her reading and personal experiences. She also tweets @openpolarsea and has a poetry blog www.oceanic-visions.com

2 thoughts on ““The Open Polar Sea” signed 1st edition

  1. A wonderful find — would that I could afford to purchase it! I believe that the “William Jarvis Jr.” here would be the son of the Rev. William Jarvis (and brother of Elizabeth Jarvis Colt, who’d married Samuel Colt, the founder of Colt’s Patent Firearms Company). Henry Payne McIntosh was a wealthy banker and railway financier in Cleveland, Ohio. Since William Jarvis Jr. operated a business out of Elyria, Ohio is a town just west of Cleveland, so I imagine that has something to do with how Jarvis’s book ended up with McIntosh’s bookplate.

    1. Dr. Potter:
      Thank you so much for that informative provenance summary of this signed copy of “The Open Polar Sea.” I knew that a connection existed, but I could not put Jarvis and McIntosh together. It seems, however, that Dr. Hayes had far-reaching personal and professional connections. Regrettably, this particular copy does not belong to me. Nevertheless, I enjoyed the opportunity to examine it and to admire the handwriting and signature under magnification. Your response helped to make this “Persons Represented” blog much more meaningful.
      Regards, Fran

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