Pressing On or Turning Back, The Franklin Expedition (Part 1 of 2)

POSTED BY FRAN HENNESSEY Whether to proceed in the face of adversity has confronted explorers since antiquity and was a real concern for 19th century Arctic explorers. The inability for explorers to predict adverse weather and/or ice conditions can lead to injurious and/or fatal outcomes. By their nature, these Arctic explorers pressed on where others would… Continue reading Pressing On or Turning Back, The Franklin Expedition (Part 1 of 2)

Location of the resting place of Isaac Israel Hayes, M.D.

POSTED BY DR. P.J. CAPELOTTI, Associate Professor of Anthropology at Penn State Abington. Since 2006, three different seminar courses in American studies and Anthropology at Penn State University Abington College have sought to locate the birth and burial spots of four Arctic explorers all born in Pennsylvania.  Some of these, such as the birthplace of Robert… Continue reading Location of the resting place of Isaac Israel Hayes, M.D.

William Bradford, a “photographic artist”

POSTED BY MICHAEL LAPIDES Google’s Ngram Viewer allows one to mine deep-level data. Digitization has benefits. William Bradford has been referred to as, and in fact was, a “photographic artist”. Ngram viewer provides a decade by decade look at how this term was used. A possible first public reference to him as a “photographic artist”… Continue reading William Bradford, a “photographic artist”

Persons Represented

POSTED BY MICHAEL LAPIDES The idea for a  new  Arctic Visions blog category named Persons Represented is suggested through Isaac Israel Hayes’ Land of Desolation – Being a Personal Narrative of Observation and Adventure in Greenland. Published in 1872 Hayes’ book is, like Bradford’s Arctic Regions, a narrative of their 1869 voyage aboard the Panther. In the exhibit the two books… Continue reading Persons Represented

Bradford, Hayes, and Wasson

POSTED BY RUSSELL POTTER A recent discovery by Ethelind Wright at the University of Southern Maine has revealed that William Bradford’s ambition to make use of the lantern-slide versions of the Arctic views made under his supervision by Dunmore and Critcherson dates back much earlier than any of us working on the exhibit had realized.… Continue reading Bradford, Hayes, and Wasson

Signatures in the Bradford Scrapbooks

POSTED BY RUSSELL POTTER Russell A. Potter has been fascinated with the Arctic regions for many years, and has written and lectured extensively on many different aspects of its history. His book Arctic Spectacles: The Frozen North in Visual Culture, 1818-1875, is required reading for anyone interested in our Arctic Visions exhibit. In addition to contributing… Continue reading Signatures in the Bradford Scrapbooks