Signatures in the Bradford Scrapbooks

POSTED BY RUSSELL POTTER Russell A. Potter has been fascinated with the Arctic regions for many years, and has written and lectured extensively on many different aspects of its history. His book Arctic Spectacles: The Frozen North in Visual Culture, 1818-1875, is required reading for anyone interested in our Arctic Visions exhibit. In addition to contributing… Continue reading Signatures in the Bradford Scrapbooks

Richard Burleigh Kimball,”Arctic Regions” Editor

This post is submitted by Joanne Seymour, a volunteer at the Museum since February, 2012, who is currently the “tweeter” of Bradford’s and Dr. Hayes’s voices from their books. Working in the Museum’s Research Library, she has contributed to the Arctic Visions exhibit by reading and transcribing items in the Bradford scrapbooks. This is the first… Continue reading Richard Burleigh Kimball,”Arctic Regions” Editor