Kane’s Mysterious Waters: Transient Polynyas

POSTED BY FRAN HENNESSEY Led by Elisha Kent Kane, M.D., the Second Grinnell Expedition (1853-1855) continued on-going searches for the missing Franklin Expedition. According to Kane’s writings in Arctic Explorations, his approach was to take a course that should “lead most directly to the open sea of which he had inferred the existence” and to… Continue reading Kane’s Mysterious Waters: Transient Polynyas

Understanding By Degrees: Determining Latitude (Part 1 of 3)

POSTED BY FRAN HENNESSEY Arctic explorers in the 19th century routinely used a sextant for celestial navigation to determine their location at sea and when trekking across glaciers and other terrain on foot or by dog sledge. This first of three posts discusses basic principles of obtaining solar-noon latitude by sextant and the inherent errors… Continue reading Understanding By Degrees: Determining Latitude (Part 1 of 3)