Silenced in Arctic Eternity

POSTED BY FRAN HENNESSEY Scattered rocks amongst a weather-worn Headstone marked August Sonntag’s humble Gravesite. On a desolate moraine, Donald MacMillan bore witness to the isolated tomb, In stark solemnity, a single photograph taken In broad Arctic sunlight. Fifty years after Sonntag’s death, MacMillan Recollected tragic events that demoralizing Hayes to grieving silence. Icy water… Continue reading Silenced in Arctic Eternity

Full Fathom of Duty

POSTED BY FRAN HENNESSEY No flowers graced three graves on Snow-swept Beechey Island, resting Place for the first deaths of Sir John Franklin’s doomed expedition. Humble wooden plaques, names and Dates of passing young lives, strength And hope infected by disease, tainted By lead poisoning, laid to rest in solemn Bleakness, entombed in permafrost. For… Continue reading Full Fathom of Duty